Batteries are made and used in a lot of electronic and mechanical devices. In this modern world almost every one knows that how much a battery is important in daily routine life. They all know that a battery converts chemical energy to electric energy. As this conversion is sensitive and dangerous. Thus a cover is need to protect the battery. Battery boxes in this way not only use to preserve the batteries but also keep them save from any damage, protect others from danger, protect the current being spread out in nearby body, recover the sensitivity of the battery and as like other boxes helps to promote the product as well as brand. These are special made boxes for the protection of this delicate thing. In modern days a hard plastic cover is also use for the protection of big size batteries but how ever cardboard boxes are also in wide use. No doubt packing is more functional and practically more reliable thing in the market. It represents the products more clearly and more widely. Due to wide use of batteries its boxes are also made on large scale. With a proper box style you will be able to introduce yourself in the market world.

As batteries are used in many appliances and the size of each appliance is not the same thus different kinds of batteries are made by companies. A standard size box is not suitable for the packing of all kinds of batteries. To satisfy everyone needs custom battery boxes are made. These boxes are gives you the option of various size, style and design. These boxes are mostly made with cardboard material. The stock we use in making box ranging from 12pt to 34pt. for small size batteries light weight box having less stock thickness is use. While for heavy weight products several layer box having more stock is perfect. These boxes are made with die cut process without using any glue or staples. Some other kind of material can also be used to make box but depends upon the conditions and demands.

Printed and plain both kinds of boxes are used for packing. Battery boxes printed are widely available in the market. These boxes have printed form of graphics and artwork on them with beautiful bright color combinations. In addition logo and company names are also printed on them to make it look professional. In case of large size battery mostly a brown or white box having logo or company name alone is use while for small size battery boxes all the printed features are printed on it like contact, logo, company details, ingredients, product description etc. whereas on demand extra details can be printed on large size battery boxes. These boxes gives long life to battery and protect them from damage.