Custom Telescoping Boxes


Custom Telescoping Boxes

To give your product a good level of presentation telescoping boxes are use. Now a days a lot of products are introduced which have irregular shape like jewelry, cosmetics, toys, and decorations etc. for the packing of all those products having irregular shape or odd shape these boxes are best to use. Not for the best presentation these boxes are also use for storing and shipping of products. it is a fast, user friendly and more professional box for the marketing and promotion of products. Due to unique features of these boxes these are best to use on events and to give gifts to friends and loved ones.

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Telescoping boxes due to its style has hundreds and thousands of uses. As the name telescope shows the structure of the box. This kind of box have two separate boxes upper and lower. Upper cover give protection to the product while lower cover keep inside the product. Thus these boxes are also named as bottom lid boxes. In every kind of business these boxes can adjust. Like in shops and malls these boxes in addition to use for packing and storing also use to place small things like pins, pen, paper clips, coins etc on reception desk or counters.

Packing products can be of large size as lamp or very small size as a bead so custom telescoping boxes are made by the companies which are available in a lot different size and style. These boxes are made die cut to fit the product exactly. These boxes are always made with card bard and paper stock material. Paper stock having the weight of 12pt or 14pt while cardboard stocks is of 100lb or 120lb. now with the advancement in time these boxes are made in modified form. For making the box different kinds of traditional and modern techniques are used.

Telescoping boxes printed have colorful printed patterns, artwork and graphics on them. All the visual features like printed graphics, logo, artworks and other printed items are made with quality printing techniques like offset, digital, CMYK/PMS, emboss etc. quality color combinations are used in these printing patterns depends upon demand and product need. After printing mostly gloss lamination is applied which give these boxes more attractive looks. Due to gloss and shimmery appearance these boxes are use as such to give gifts without using a wrapping paper. But you can use decorations like laces, stones, cards, ribbons etc. other finishing options depends upon demands.

You find our quality based telescoping best the best ever packing box for your valuable products. Being online we offer you to visit us and order your demand. We made your dreams comes into reality with your complete satisfaction and confidence.


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