Die Cut Boxes


Die Cut Boxes

What are actually the die cut boxes?
These are simply defined as the boxes which are actually cut from the cardboard sheet or corrugated material by using a machine known as die cutter or die press. After cutting the material to make box these can be further customized by printed graphics and artwork on them. In addition to graphics product details, company information, uses, precautions etc can also be added on demand on boxes. Firstly the die cuter boxes was made by the engineer.


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How can it saves money and are better than other boxes?

Initially its seems that die cut boxes being unique and customized in all its features and options looks more expensive than a standard size box. But on the other hand if someone see the big far picture of future then he will knows that die cutting boxes are better than standard size boxes. As these boxes are exactly made according to the product thus there will be no extra space or material to waste. More space or extra space means extra money you are spending. Mostly the standard size boxes do not follow these rules and sometime extra packing material required to fix the product inside. Especially for shipping purposes these boxes are preferred. Most of the time the old shippers ship by the weight not by the volume which means less products are shipped per load. Ultimately you give more cost in low loads. Die cut boxes are actually available to you in the form of custom die cut boxes exactly according to the shape of the product. These boxes not only saves the wasted space during shipping but also helps to save money by avoiding using of extra packing materials. All these factors on the long run saves your money.

Custom die cut boxes are made with smooth paper, cardboard material, corrugated sheets etc without using any extra binding material like tape, staple. This fact make these boxes unique and powerful. These boxes can be used for the best presentation of any product no matters what is the shape or size. These boxes are descent way to give gifts others.

Die cut boxes printed are made with colorful themes and attractive graphics. A lot of printing techniques can be used for these boxes. These techniques involves digital, offset, onscreen, PMS/CMYK, special and raised ink system or even 3D for more fashionable purposes. These boxes are made ship flat for the easy handling.  These boxes with its unique and attractive designs gives you more confidence for business.


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