Die Cut Packaging Boxes

Die Cut Packaging Boxes

Custom die cut boxes involve the simple yet famous printing technique to print images, graphics, and artwork on the box. Th-these techniques involve CMYK/PMS, offset, digital, emboss printing system etc. the selection of printing technique depends upon the client specification. Color combination is selected according to the product or sometime on client specification by keep in mind the budget rates. The best color combinations according to market point of view is 4/0, 4/2, 4/1 and 4/4.

Thus die cut boxes are a decent way to presents yourself for the first time in market. the Further decorations and other structure options like sleeves, windows, hanging tabs make them more reliable and eye catching.

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The big worry of the packaging world is that most of the businessmen use a standard size box instead of using exact product size box. The drawback of using such boxes are that they are sometimes small than that of product so product damaged due to tight packing or on the other hand these boxes are big enough  that product moves freely inside them. In both cases, you face some downfall and loss in the form of damage to the product. To give the business man more satisfaction and to solve the packing problems die cut packaging boxes were introduced in the market. These boxes are made according to the shape of the product no matters how much is the size, style, and shape of the product is. Die cut boxes completely surround the product and give them protection. These boxes are completely different from each other. Not only for the shipping are these boxes also use for the better presentation of the product. For a number of different products like watches, jewelry, cosmetics, crockery, tassels, garments etc. as these boxes further beautify the inner product by giving it protection and good presentation thus these are excellent to give gifts to friends, family and loved once. These are impressive boxes in appearance and their look can be further enhanced by wrapping it with bright colors and some other decorations.

The choice of material plays a very important role in the strength and popularity of a box. The right choice material not only gives you the high results but also save your money. Most common materials used to make custom die cut packaging boxes are cardboard, corrugated sheets, plain paper or Kraft paper. The main thing that must be kept under consideration is that the material should be biodegradable and recycled. Being custom all properties of the box like size, pattern, design, shape and also thickness can be varied according to the product.


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