Folding boxes are simple cardboard or hard paper boxes having folds. These are used to pack the things inside them in more organized and well-mannered way. It does not matters that the shape of the object must be square. Any kind of shape like cube, round, oval, cylindrical can be packed inside them easily and perfectly. These boxes are preferably used to packed products and placed in markets, shopping malls and in shops. In any kind of business these boxes gives you dimensions for the exposure of products in more impressive way. These boxes can give you upright and positive reputation in market and you feel confident while expressing yourself. If you are new coming in the business or in market then these boxes in custom printed options help you to introduce in well versed form and make you able to take your position in market.

Custom folding boxes in different size and styles are available to meet your market and business needs. These boxes are made with card stock of 12pt or 14pt.

Some of the common style of folding boxes are as follow

Tuck end boxes – these are four panel style boxes. These have folding tuck ends from the top and bottom. If the closing pattern on top and bottom of the folding box are same then it is called straight tuck end boxes but on the other hand if the closing pattern are opposite in direction then the box is reverse tuck end box. These kinds of boxes are used in toys industry, pharmaceutical, software industries.

Folding box with hang tabs – these kinds of products are used for small light weight products. These boxes are considered ideal in packing as it make handling easy.  These hanging tabs are may be on the top or at the side and are best and easy to display in shops and malls. These boxes are preferably use in medical industry and in cosmetics industry.

Seal end folding box – these boxes are sealed from one end but have folding partitions on the other end.

A lot more options of folding boxes in all shapes are available in market. These boxes when available in printed form surely becomes eye catching. The common printing technique use to print graphics and artwork on boxes are pantone printing system with CMYK combinations. The most common color combinations widely accepted in market are 4/0, 4/1, 4/2 and 4/4. Other color patterns are also available on demand.

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