Privacy Policy

Custom boxes with logo is a very concern and well organized company which always pay attention and protection to its valued clients. We are committed to make private and confidential to the privacy of all our clients like their designs, contacts, ideas, policies, printed features and all other things related to them. We always make surety of that no one get the personal or public information of any one visitor or each other without their permission.  Our policy will clear you that why we get your information and what we do with them.

There are a lot of ways by which we collect the information of our clients. Some of them are as follow.


It is a small statistic file present in your computer in hard drive. We identify you and your computer without requiring your personal information with it. It tells us the time and date of visit, number of time the web page is viewed etc.

General information’s:

These information includes business type information and all those information get from public available data etc. it does not demand your personal information or identity.

Personal information:

These are nonpublic information. These information includes your name, identity, contact, location or some other business information’s.  these also includes without any limit your name, address, telephone number, spending patterns, credit card number, preferences and account information.

We also gives you the link of third part or other web pages lined with us. But it does not means that we are dependable. We are not dependable for our privacy policies on other websites. Our privacy policy applies to just collect information from those websites. We have a mannered and organized system on our website to facilitate our clients that they request the products, services and orders. We also demand the contact as a necessary part of order so that we may contact the buyer when its demands. We demand your personal information it is the part of our policy but be relax we take care of them. We just use them to maintain our record, to make contact with buyer and ask about their demands and priorities through them.

Always be relaxed and satisfied with our services. Make trust on us that all kinds of information that you have given us is save. We do not leak them or share them with any other party. But with your permission or as required by law. We also give option to our clients that they upload their mailing list with orders. It is also made confidential that all the information you provide us on those males did not share or leaked. These will only use for express purposes.

We give you more value and always here to give attention to your dreams and demands. If you are interested in our working plans and policies then you can contact us or visit us online.