A lot of companies in the market are such that they use boxes to presents new ideas in market. For the upgrading of items they use printed boxes. There are a lot of promotional tools in the market like CDs, DVDs etc for the marketing and promotions but nothing is more reliable than using a cardboard printed box. One of the packing box type is tuck end boxes. These are just like the other boxes used for the packing, shipping, storing and transporting. These boxes not only protect your items from being damage but also save the space. Any kind of materials can be hold inside them safely. These boxes are not limited for the packing of some special items rather various kinds of items can be packed safely inside them. Personal and professional both kind of items can be hold inside them safely.

For every kind of business whether small or large you need packing boxes. Tuck end boxes gives you more chances to hold your products safely. These boxes have flaps on the upper and lower both sides. These flaps meet in the center in locking position. They meet either from front to rear or from rear to front. These locking tabs are called tuck end. On the bases of style tuck end boxes are of two type.

Straight tuck end boxes:

If the locking tabs on the both upper and lower sides close in the same way either rear to front or front to rear then this type is called straight tuck end boxes.

Reverse tuck end boxes:

If the locking tabs on the upper and lower both sides close in the reverse way one from front to rear and other from rear to front then this type is called reverse tuck end boxes.

Both kinds of box type are available in market in custom tuck end option.  Almost all kinds of size, style and design options are available according to the product. These boxes are made with cardboard or corrugated sheets which makes closing easy. The flaps with box are made die cut which are easy to configure.  These are easy assemble and fast storing boxes. These boxes are made available in printed form having printed features, graphics, and artwork on them. Beautifully printed boxes gives more enhanced and clear view of product. These boxes are made ecofriendly with recycled material and can be used again and again. We also provide you a lot more option in tuck end boxes like the presence of sleeve on the outer side of box. Presence of clear plastic window on the front side, handles, hanging tabs etc. these options depends upon need or demand.

We give you ship flat excellent quality boxes which satisfy all your needs and demands. Our quality made boxes make you able to fulfill all your general to specified purposes again and again safely.